Currently the company is committed to assisting the people interested in investment from all corners of the world to be part of the body of stakeholders of the upcoming Konza Techno City and the New Machakos City. The company has managed to sale plots from the prime areas to now happy investors amounting to more than 50 acres. Plots are available in different sizes depending on the ability and preference of the investor. Konza Estates Investments Limited is an organization founded on the basis of empowering our clients on real estates investments and entrepreneurship. We are pleased to confirm our willingness to make available means and affordable ways of acquiring properties to all people with the will.

Plots in Zone C1, Katheka Techno view approx. 1km to 1.5 km from the tarmac road i.e. Mombasa road, cost per share plot 50ft by 100ft is Kshs. 400,000, interested investors are welcome here where the konza development authority has planned for low, medium and high density residential, light industrial, commercial cum residential and recreation purposes, current minimum plot size here is 2 acres. The land in this zone is mainly for commercial land use. We encourage investors to invest as much as they can since the bigger the share the higher will be the returns. Building typology in this zone, High density apartments & recreation: - Apartments, hostels, boarding houses. Commercial cum light industrial:- shopping malls/complex, ict software and hardware, textiles, bakeries, agro processing beverages. Commercial cum residential:- Apartments, shops, beauty parlous, resort centers. High density residential Apartments: Multifamily Apartments, Hostels, boarding houses. Medium density residential: - Two family Bungalows, Villas. Low density residential, single family Bungalows, villas

Prospects in the Buffer after Development of Konza Techno City – Development of the techno city will lead to direct and indirect prospects in the buffer which include:

Land subdivision and fragmentation – Areas around the techno city such as malili Centre, Katheke and Iviani already exhibit high levels of land subdivision to plot of 1/8 and 2 acres. These plots will be further subdivided to maximize on economic gains. Around Konza, Malili centers and the former “Aimi ma Kilungu” ranch, subdivision is already rampant. With full development of the Techno City, intensification of subdivision will occur as market forces take toll on the land around the Techno City.

Land use mutation – Areas immediately o the south and east of the Techno City exhibit a largely natural character with plenty of wildlife. However, recent subdivision of land and construction has led o emergence of agricultural character in the area to the south of the Techno City. The high level of land fragmentation will render land economically unviable for agricultural activity in future. This will lead to succession of agricultural use by urban – type use. There is a possibility of merging of Konza Techno City, Konza Centre, Malili Centre and Aimi centre due to this transition of agricultural land to urban land.

In case of any default occasioned by the purchaser/allotee, The Company shall deduct 5% of the deposit paid to cover operational expenses and refund the balance upon being issued with a 60 days’ notice. On the other hand in case of default the company to allocate a plot also within the time specified the purchaser shall be at liberty to demand his deposit upon issuing a 30 days’ notice.

The plots will strictly issued through balloting to avoid any kind of favours which is considered by the Organization unethical. Any buyer who will not have balloted within a period of six months his or her balloting will be done by the directors, the ballot card will be retained by the office until advised otherwise by the convened parties or court of law. If in agreement of the above terms and conditions, then fill in the personal details, two passport size photographs, attach photocopy of your identity   card and that of your next kin and sign. Sub- division shall commence as soon as the company or its advocates has received payments for half the cost of the purchased plot. Allotment letters shall be issued within two weeks after balloting after which tittle deeds shall follow. Near the Konza Techno City, is the ambitious master plan of the New Machakos City which is being build adjacent to Machakos town. Already the benefits are felt around the site in Konza, where land prices have reached a record high.